Truck Detailing & Wheel Polishing

Truck Detailing & Wheel Polishing

Thoroughly Shined Top To Bottom

It is common knowledge; a clean, shiny, well cared for truck speaks volumes about the professionalism and responsibility of the driver. Give us a call – we can work with ANY budget!

photo of big rig truck cab

Clean Truck Guarantee

There are many, many more options offered by HCR Chrome Shop for detailing a big truck inside and out. The most sure way to figure out the best detailing procedure for your big rig is to bring it down to the shop, and have one of their highly educated and experienced detailers take a look at the truck, inside and out. This way, the detailers can present the truck driver with a custom made plan that is best for the truck, without getting a bunch of work done that was not needed. This also allows us to stay within YOUR budget, big or small, and we can keep our concentration on the areas of YOUR needs.

photo of interior big rig truck cab fully cleaned

Our “Polish Like New” Guarantee

The grill, bumper, and headlights get special attention to make sure they are shining like new. All of your aluminum and stainless can be polished to bring back that brand new shine. Wheels, tanks, boxes, we polish it all! Our detailers will get everything cleaned up perfectly, and make sure there is not one single spot they missed.

No Dirt is Too Tough

The exterior of the truck is rinsed off before scrubbing to remove any loose dirt that may cause scratches in the paint. Then, all bugs, tar, sap, and other gooey stuck on things are spot treated and scrubbed off with highly concentrated, but safe, cleaners that we have discovered though our many years of experience- they will not damage paint, chrome finish or any other sensitive areas. Once all the hard to remove spots are taken off, the truck is then washed with a high quality, conditioning soap from the top to the bottom, front to rear leaving your truck looking almost new again.

photo of man working in shop shining chrome wheel

Wheel Polishing

The rims of any vehicle are subject to a lot of damage and dirt, as they are just a few inches away from the road. Salt and calcium are the biggest culprits for pitted up wheels- not to mention all of the acid washes between here and there. You can hand polish all day, then the first rain storm your hand polished rims will look like they did before all those hours of polishing. Our wheel machine cuts and polishes the wheels back down to a smooth, super shiny, “just like new” finish.

Big heavy trucks travel so many miles on the open road, it is absolutely inevitable they will eventually become very dirty, get scratched, or even have gouges taken out of them from all of the wear and tear! Our wheel polishing specialists will get your wheels back to their best selves!

photo of chrome wheel

Wheel Repair

HCR Chrome Shop’s wheel polishing machine can work miracles on the most beat up, scratched, gouged rims. Many of these issues would lead a person to believe the only way to fix these scratches and gouges are to replace the rims. This can be a very expensive, bank breaking remedy, as most aluminum semi rims run upwards of $300. HCR Chrome Shop took note of this, and has a service that can repair truck rims to the way they looked when they were brand new, or at least very close to it. The best part about this service, is it will only cost the trucker a fraction of the cost of buying even just one new rim, let alone a whole set for the truck and or trailer. We can do 1 of your wheels for you at a time, or ALL of them- another way we can work with your budget!

“No one tries any harder than HCR and that’s a fact!”

“There’s no other place I know of in this state that you can get your truck washed, polished, interior detailed, wheels done in a wheel machine, chrome installed, or what ever you want. Very accommodating!”